Welcome to Box & Hanger!

We are a UK based community programme running events
to help keep school uniforms in use for longer

Our goal is to extend the cycle of use of clothing within their lifetime. We do this through providing a community programme that helps people come together to buy-sell-gift school uniform.

We want to work with schools, students and families to help make it easier to access good clothes, while reducing the impact on wallets and the environment.


Box and Hanger is part of the Climate Venture Collective, and is run by volunteers.



Clothes are costly to people and the planet to create. This is from the materials we use,  the conditions they are made in, or the way they are distributed.



Quality clothes are not affordable to many people. This is also the case for low-quality clothes with short fashion cycles and lifecycles, resulting in high use costs over time.


Our systems are not designed to deal with clothes needing repair, or at end of use. School Uniform is a big part of that, with 1.4m usable uniforms thrown away every year in the UK.


We work with schools, students and families to share our knowledge of events, engagement  and community activation.


We give a helping hand! We get stuck into the preparation and running of each event. This includes specific support for our student programme.


We work with local charities and organisations to support local people and our student volunteers, as well as reducing the amount of clothes going to landfill.


We want to change the behaviour around clothes; keeping better quality clothes, that are more accessible to all, in use for longer.



We want to tackle the linear and prescriptive structure of the clothing market, ensuring less waste, accounting for cost, and a fairer way of doing things.


We want sustainable clothing to be accessible to all, take less from the environment and people, and be a way to connect, share and grow.